Rosh Hashanah

Sep 19, 2009, Sep 29, 2010

 Tishri 1 Rosh Hashana - the heart shall sound it's trumpet (freedom) and you shall offer a blessing with the fire. The sacrament of the heart filled jubilee as a new year begins on the 7th month. We walk to flowing waters on this day (tears of joy and sorrow of the rainbow filled sky) and gift giving (Tashlikh-casting off sins) helps us to receive love from our Relatives, just as our Sisters express this wisdom each day teaching us about the Law of Love, "a good heart". For when the heart is gifting glory, there shall be no work but joy filled days! This is the very receiving our True Blue (relatives) create as sacred space of the Crown of Holiness, for this is the returning to King David and his Royal Brothers. As Oneness, we are reminded of the eternal circle on the journey of rolling hills upon Mother's Earth. We remember the the bounty she provides and the goodness of a pureheart.

We celebrate eating apples dipped in honey. A yearning of sweetness of flower blossoms that come again. Our hearts are full when the flesh of our bodies remember the soul within, where the tears of joy gift to us love! Often blessed round loaves of sweet challah bread is used to symbolize the circle of life and yearning of a joyous new year. From where we came the eternal numinous flowing of heaven, our Souls do return. This holiday is the most important "teshuvah" or the "turning around". When we walk back into the arms of those whom we disagree, we become better children of God, living closer to empathy, astuteness and hearing with our hearts.

Our souls from heaven utter their perfection and receiving our family is what the returning joy is about. This is Truth of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, who shall be questing eternal knowing as we belong together as Oneness. "Near is known which does flow, when the heart is shown and spoken for." In the East and the Return the holy circle 70 is known, the voice of God delivers us Home. Gift greetings "L'shanh tovah", meaning "for a good year to hear the wind". The eternal soul is all knowing in the Great Halls, when the sound of our hearts are shared! Let the trumpet blow, "We are going Home. What are we waiting for?" Let the Dawning find my Wind and let it blow across the Blue that's true, to be the Heart of me and you. My Relatives, let's go home! The Dawning Welcomes You!